Get shot naked..! ;-) links to misc.

The pictures below are from my phone and I don't remember where I first got them, these pics have nothing to do with / Natalie Kita and are just horny me choosing some softer pictures for this post, which is rather different...
Wild sexy beast looks this blonde have:

Learn about sexy boudoir photography here

Search for Natalie Kita on Google+ where she has a page for sexy
but no real nudity really pictures of ordinary girls/women usually.
is her project. Haven't checked it out really yet but I'm curious...

Here's a great beautiful sexy picture of a brown haired beauty with
medium sized fantastic breasts (I believe), come on girl show us what you've got
and we will show you what we got and you want eh... :-) This girl looks dangerous
actually but my head is spinning anyway because she makes me even more girl crazy and
add that to having to watch fantastic pictures of Debbie and Anne the
lovely one, but wait til you see Debbie, she's blond too and a little crazy funny but incredibly
sexy and hot with perfect body, very pretty nice medium breasts, shaved cunt, not too long hair
and has blonde girl friends to play with in some of the 118 picture folders I downloaded in one month this winter. I don't know which folders are LovelyAnne's so I just have to open and unzip the archives
one by one, getting more and more excited as these young porn babes show girl crazy me so much
delicious teen girls that my head almost is spinning out of control. Focus, focus and make
sure to write the next blog post without getting too excited. Well, I write a lot but I publish
hundreds of photos too in just one single blog post, and I hope some people find it at least
a little amusing to read my rants between the pics of teen girls turned porn stars..! ;-)

Search for Frank Lorvik on Tumblr and Photobucket or just find links in info here:
He's a Norwegian psychedelic / progressive trance, techno, electro, house and ambient DJ:
I've heard him play really good electronic music in Oslo since 1994 so I'm a fan you could say,
and I really like some (many) of the pictures he shares on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Photobucket, and

And a picture collector with private photos at & and go to Google+ and see his 1500+ pictures of actresses, party/rave/psychedelic trance/Goa girls (remember my blog where you find a lot of music stuff and for instance embedded Mixcloud-mix-players for almost all his six Mixcloud-mixes = you can listen to superb psychedelic/progressive trance music while browsing pictures there and here ;-) psychedelic art from several different artists and more...
wait, I found a link and here it is:
(the most beautiful girls there are the GoaGirls/psychedelic trance girls and 
there's about at least 600 pictures of them and rave girls which is about 280)

Here's a very makes-me-damn-horny Twistys porn babe picture of a girl that should've been butt naked! But at least I get to see some nice feet and fine ass..!

And check out his YouTube channel with 80+ party videos:

Bonus link This blog is dedicated to all the teen porn blogs connected in that hub that and cooperate with and the site is 
I really love these teen porn girls doing their thing kind of well although several things like the videos are crap really...

At least I managed to download an impressive 118 picture folders in one month while I in the same month was a member of and downloaded several hundred GB of videos & pictures from them... In other words: you who like this precious porn blog of mine have loads of good free pay site but payed for porn that I can't resist sharing :-D Many of the picture folders from LovelyAnne but also a handful of really beautiful and super porn quality posing and looks, check out my new posts these days because I'm working hard now to finish more than one post this weekend...


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