Abby's back for an moving attack on YOU teen porn fan..! :-D

See teen porn queen Abby moving :-D kind of dancing a seductive and at the same time funny and sweet (her smile is so sweet and sexy at the same time... :-)

:-) Remember Abby..? She makes me nothing but sex crazy, I want her so badly I can't control myself eh hehe. I just wanna take that ugly big vibrator/dildo away from her and place my very ready for action soft dick in her soft hands, asking her to play with it and maybe it will make her go wild too, although normal sex isn't very crazy, even not with a kind of porn star that this very young but hardcore porn girl is doing to herself in the 136 pictures you can see a direct link to at the bottom of this page. 
Anyway, here's one nice and sweet, properly not-porn-yet-dressed is picture to remind you right away why we all go a little crazy and wanna fuck her like crazy and YES she's shaved where it matters, just like me by the way - I hate pubic hair but canb tolerate girls/women having a little hair string or delta wing formed short cut hair on their vulva only, that's acceptable although I just wanna get the electric hair cutter I have and trim away all bushes (can you believe some men actually like bushes between a girls/womans legs, making it hard not to wanna escape or just force the poor girl/woman to close shave her most valuable body part and let us men both feel well when going in for this or that kill so to speak, lick it or stick our (shaved) cocks into it while we without that terrible pubic hair actually can see the beautiful pussy she's got down there - many females have wonderful looking pussy hidden down there, no wonder I like porn and watching girls/women showing us in detail what to do when having sex...

I mean, there's nothing extreme about doing as many porn actors/actresses - get rid of all hair on/around genitals (I'm 100% straight = hetero ;-) and shave my arm pits and remove a little hair from my chest too, close shave my dick/balls sometimes or just cut the hair so short that it almost is all gone, but damn it grows back incredibly fast :-(, so I guess I'm :-D not an ordinary hairy beast of a man. I mean, we not especially hairy adult men, even we grow enourmous bushes around our penises and on our precious balls - our dicks get longer too :-D when we shave (in Norwegian we call a man who's got a shaved/close-cut-almost-hairless-trim (or what should we call it..?). Ok, enough about I unwanted hair down there, hope this beautiful picture makes the wait (if you actually read a long text segment like this text above when there's talk of a teen porn queen picture down there somewhere..?). I get very very aroused as soon as I lay my girl crazy eyes on nature's wonderful creations: GIRLS, especially teen porn models/actresses like the oh so sweet Abby..!

WOW how LARGE these Abby pictures are! Can't see all of her without scrolling to the right and up/down because these Abby pictures are high resolution (I hate small pictures, the kind of dressed-no-nudity porn babe pictures that for instance publish via their Twistys Facebook page (pic sizes about 300x200/400x600, I'm not sure, waste of time to collect such small pictures anyway). 

I don't like Twistys, tried to join that site for a test run a couple of days but the bastards don't let customers like me on trial get access to anything but crap - I don't understand such policies in the porn industry. I mean, if they wanna let customers try the service for 10-20 NOK (USD $2,50-4) and get access two or three days, why not give customers full access right away taking the chance that such customers maybe aren't the ones porn sites really are looking for..? I register as a paying member on several porn sites each year now but I don't stay a customer anywhere because honestly it's not easy to only find good pay sites when trying here and there... My last one month long membership was and and downloaded 118 (!) picture packs from Lovely Anne, most of her but also other teen girls, you can see Anne and other sweet teen porn queens :-D here :-)
Lovely Anne is on video on this blog right now! Haven't tested that blog yet but it might me worth checking out!  I have only just started to go through those 118 picture packs and my first impression is YES wonderful young models and quite good pictures, large enough but could have been even larger, a lot larger actually. I mean not all people use laptops with small screens (I do use a ordinary laptop and a second media center small sized Lenovo Q190 PC connected to my 34" flat screen hidefinition TV, so picture size doesn't bother me there. In my browser (Opera 19 - the worlds best net browser on both desktop and mobile since 2002 (!) but also Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (and perhaps Safari but I haven't tried Safari more than a few times on other computers) are good these days and I use them as secondary browsers because I'm a mad demanding software & hardware user/abuser :-D that often have 20-30 tabs open in Opera and Firefox or Chrome open with 5-10 tabs at the same time, I

Here are 136 really hardcore but sweet reminders hehe :-D

And while we revisit Abby I recommend revisiting or checking out these two delicious, really beautiful, sweet, super vixens:

Taylor Seinturier, American silione blonde, ex-Playboy Cybergirl, so sweet and pretty and I just wish she would spread her legs some time when shes's butt naked (and that's often in these pictures, yes I wanna fuck her like crazy, because Taylor just know how to make a lonely man like me go girl crazy when a hotter than hell porn babe and a damn pretty and sweet young blonde like Taylor who smiles at us quite often and otherwise looks rather innocent in those delicate, beautiful pictures of her more or less naked, holding back her big breasts so they don't fall out sort of. Damn, girl show us your shaved pretty pussy and take those hands of yours of your tits so that we can see what you have there for us hehe... :-D

And after Taylor Seinturier porn heaven comes Norwegian porn beauty (now Paradise Hotel, TV3, program presenter) Triana Iglesias and the 89 pictures of her are really nice although not as large as the pictures should have been, but motive wise many of the pics are great! ;-)


 Finally I present a bunch of Playboy model pictures again and the name of the model is Angela:

YES a shaved porn babe cunt just waiting for me to stick my dick into her and ejaculate all over her hairless tight now good looking pussy, so sweet so sweet I love clean shaven cunts because I can see those beautiful lips down there just wating for the next cock to cum by :-D and that must be me..!

That was that for this text heavy, picture light not so long, Easter Friday posting to my beloved, which I now proudly can declare looks like a success because today this blog has been viewed a whopping 11969 and 27 posts have I made in about half a year 
(in Norwegian: 11969 sidevisninger) and before Easter is over will I publish something exciting from teengirls and LovelyAnne & co...


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